Trip to Auschwitz and the history of Holocaust

Holocaus matter appears in international cinema constantly. I saw the newest one- The Zookeper’s Wife and I must admit I was impressed. There were so may productions about this topic and I thought there is nothing new we can add. It’s from the perspecrive of  keepers of the Warsaw Zoo. This also inspired to book a trip to Auschwitz in Poland. I hav already seen a movie Schindler’s List before and it was one reason more to visit Krakow. It’s happened just one, two generations before us and I  believe those, who survived, who risked and protected those, who needet it deserve to be called heroes. I just regret that so many of them are silent, humble heroes who will never be rewarded.

Concentration Camps in Krakow and in Auschwitz

Scene from Schindler's List.

Schindler’s List tell us about the times when Nazi occupied Poland.

My plan was to visit Krakow and spend there weekend. I bought a trip to Auschwitz with spasnih speaking guide and had really moving tour. It was organized by professional transfer company Krakow Direct and I really recommmend it to everyone. They picked me up from the hotel and took to Concentration Camps in a luxury mercedes. Then a guide took me and some other spanish people to show us around. There are no words which can describe.I saw it on the movies, but I guess it’s much more thrilling when you realize that IT’S REAL. You walk between those provisoric ,,beds” and places of execution and terror.

You realize that this is not another horror in TV. This  is a horror which really look place. People were allowed to do anything to other people. Society was separeted, according to Nazi doctrine. Camps were built to sentence people for a slow and cruel death. Nazi doctrine claimed that worse than Aryan races were not worth living and were disturbing their race. So they decided firstly finish off Jewish and Gypsies races, alog with communists and Polish people who rebelled againts occupant. Among prisoners were women and children, as well as elderly people. Germans wanted to kill them all, without any exception, without any  mercy. I believe thst this museum is an important memorial and history lesson everyone should get. Why? Because if we learn from the history. If we donn’t realize what happened in the past we will repeat the history.

auschwitz tour

My trip to Auschwitz and some titles connected with this subject

Merly Streep in Sophie's Choice

Sophie’s Choice ells the story of a Polish immigrant, who hires her difficult past.

I can group them the way I see it. For children I recommend Boy in Strippped Pyjama. It an Auschwitz seen from the perspective of little boys. It seems that they are the only ones who see the nonsense of what is happpening aroun them. They meet each other- prisoner and the son of a Nazi and they became friends. It’s not totally historical reconstruction, but the aim was clear. To show this drama to the children, so that they can uderstand it. Auschwitz Birkenau is not recommended for children under 14 years although I believe with a mature teenager with a parent it will be possible to come. I saw school trips. so I’m happy that this part of history is still actual and younger generations learn aboout this issue.

I must also mention The Pianist by Roman Polanski. It tells the stor of a Polish Jewish musician  who struggles to survive the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto of World War II. What is more, it’s not a fiction. It’s an adaptation based on the autobiography of the acclaimed Polish composer, Wladyslaw Szpilman. Movie is a masterpiece of famous and controversial director. I guess I will also mention a mini-series- Holocaust from 1978 about Jewish family trying to survive in Germany. There is also a great movie with Meryl Streep- Sophie’s Choice about Auschwitz survivor, and her memories. I recommend to everyone booking a trip to Auschwitz and visiting this shocking and moving place.

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